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The commando unit is a stealthy foot soldier. It is similar to the infantry, but commandos can move 22% faster, they have a stealthier profile making them more difficult to detect, they can be dropped in parachutes by the Transport Jet, and they do more damage per second 67% more damage compared to infantry.

They cost more than infantry which makes them less efficient when groups of infantry meet groups of commandos. But when commandos can operate in scarce regions they can remain undetected and even eliminate other individual land units that do not have the necessary accumulated sight capability to spot them.

Produced By Barracks
Category Land
Health 90
Speed 0.44 units/sec
Visibility Normal
Production Cost 30
Capital Upkeep 2.1
Energy Upkeep 0.0
Cargo Space 0
Cargo Size 1
Surface Damage / sec 5.0
Surface Damage Eff. 16.7
Air Damage / sec 3.0
Air Damage Eff. 10
Conquer Eff. 16.7