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World Size in Unit Distance
Line Command Unit Spacing Distance
Artillery Maximum Firing Distance

Unit Distance (u)

Unit distance in Line War refers to an arbitrary value that relates to the size of the world, the distance that weapons reach, the speed at which units travel per second, etc.

Distance Examples

  • Worlds are roughly 200u wide and 140u tall
  • The spacing between units on a line command is 1.2u
  • The maximum distance that infantry and commando units can fire is 1.5u
  • The maximum distance that artillery and cruisers can fire grenades is 5.0u
  • The maximum distance for pipeline connections is 45u
  • The range of a helicopter is 45u
  • The range of interceptors and strikers is 60u
  • The range of bombers and transport jets is 75u
  • The range for a rocket is minimum 20u and maximum 60u
  • The blast radius of a rocket is 15u (but remember that there is significant falloff damage away from the epicenter)

Unit Speed Examples

  • The slowest land units in the game (artillery and SAM) move at 0.33u/s (without haste)
  • The fastest land unit in the game (tank) moves at 0.6u/s (without haste)
  • The slowest military sea unit in the game (submarine) moves at 0.65u/s (without haste)
  • The fastest military sea unit in the game (destroyer) moves at 0.90u/s (without haste)
  • The slowest aircraft in the game (helicopter) moves at 1.40u/s (without haste)
  • The fastest aircraft in the game (interceptor) moves at 2.50u/s (without haste)
  • The fastest unit in the game (rocket) is 4u/s